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Top 10 leading Branding & Marketing Agencies in India

In the past, branding of a business and developing modern marketing strategies did not rank high on the priority list of most companies, but now there are many companies in India that offer excellent branding & marketing services.

More than 1500 marketing agencies exist in India, offering effective marketing services to businesses, so it can be difficult to determine which agency will be most effective for your company.

No worries, we will assist you in finding the best branding and marketing agency in India.

In this blog post, we will address the top 10 leading branding & marketing agencies in India that assist businesses in building a strong online presence for their clients.

Please note: The below agencies have not been ranked in any particular order.

1. Brandlogg

Brandlogg is a Growth Driven Branding & Marketing Agency that empower global brands through strategic planning and Target Growing Tactics. We help our clients reach their full potential by identifying opportunities and developing creative solutions that drive results. Our team of experts have a proven track record in delivering successful campaigns for some of the world’s biggest brands.

Throughout the country, our branding & marketing agency has been providing services related to the branding of the business, content services, design services, effective marketing services, planning and analytics services for businesses of all sizes.

  • Brandlogg provides excellent service at an affordable price.
  • Successfully Completed Countless Projects utilizing a variety of approaches and skills
  • Providing customized concepts, strategies, and insights to businesses of all sizes
  • As Brandlogg first priority, they are dedicated to making effective marketing plans for businesses based on the latest trends in marketing

2. Brand Provoke

Brand Provoke is a brand strategy and digital strategy firm established in Delhi, India, in 2016. More than 10 years of experience in B2B and B2C brand management have been provided to clients. Brand Provoke has been working with Lenskart, MakeMyTrip, and Aqualens to improve the product as much as possible.

In recent years, a number of industries have worked with great effort and made overall progress. A full range of product design, consumer product design, and logo design with beautiful themes is provided by this company. Currently they are working on defining their key deliverables and technology.

  • Specializes in web design and UX/UI design
  • Facilitate a strong connect between your consumers and your brand.
  • Creates a CRM system for a risk management company.

3. Vowels Branding LLC

Vowels Branding LLC is an advertising agency based in Jaipur, India. In 2016, the agency’s team of about 25 began offering marketing strategy, advertising, and public relations services. Virgin Mobile KSA, Britannia Hotel, Taj Hotel, and Marriot are just a few of the companies that Vowels Branding LLC has had the pleasure of working with.

The wastewater treatment company hired Vowels Branding LLC to create a brand strategy. During the project, the team redesigned the company’s logo.

  • With the help of discovery sessions they create a brand strategy.
  • Driven by new challenges, emerging technology and a deeper understanding of human behavior.
  • In addition to their strategists and designers, they have a cross-disciplinary team of experts.

4. SGK

As a brand company, SGK provide services in the areas of branding, content management, planning, packaging design, social media marketing and media coverage.

The company has made some of the most popular brands their clients, including Amazon, American Express, and Air France. Food and Beverage Company use their services to provide strategies and insights into what would work best for their business. They are also able to provide assistance with social media marketing and packaging ideas, which would be greatly beneficial to their business.

  • They are hired by a wide range of businesses
  • Serving all sizes of businesses in the country regarding its products, retail, and financial services for a number of years.


AARTS is a branding company that was established in the city of Indore in the year 2015. Aarts Creative Consultancy Pvt Ltd is a brand consulting company with a design studio focusing on branding strategies, concepts, and services.

Because their work and services are of excellent quality, so many customers come to their office for enhancing their business ventures and to make people more aware. As a result, Frost & Sullivan and Patanjali Ayurveda Ltd are some of the great clients working with the company.

  • Successfully transformed a 60-year-old brand and established it again in the market as a new structure.
  • Provided services to clients in 14 countries across 16 industries.
  • Focus primarily on strategy, branding, UI/UX, and development

6. Sukkrish Aadds

Sukkrish Aadds is a unique branding company and design studio based in Bangalore, India that was established in 2014. With more than 50 employees, they develop the best concepts and strategies.

For clients such as Rusbury, BlueKone Ice-creams works with their branding company. As a branding and website design company, they offer a variety of branding techniques. Currently, the company is providing branding concepts and packaging design solutions to a healthy snacking company where it asked for assistance in the design and theme of its packaging.

  • Specializes in branding techniques, UX/UI design and web development.
  • Supporting small businesses in order to enhance their performance and establish them on the market.
  • No hidden charges with this company, and the quality of the work is excellent and satisfactory.

7. Argience

Argience Technologies is a well-known marketing agency headquartered in Mumbai that was established in 2010.

Disney, Kelloggs, and Hewlett Packard are among the high-profile companies associated with this branding company. They assisted a software consultancy in developing a new avatar for their website, making it more user-friendly for online transactions.

  • Develop the best kinds of concepts and enable a company to flourish in the market and help them to grow.
  • Provides businesses with the opportunity to develop e-commerce websites.
  • Besides the UX/UI, it also provides the digital kind of strategy with web development

8. One Design

One design company received an average rating of 4.6 from their clients, which is a quality rating of 4.9. In 2016, it was established as a design agency, which is based in the city of Bhubaneswar. With over 50 experts, the company has been working with some of the best branding concepts and strategies in the market.

They work with clients like Odisha Government, RSM GC and Tribe Vibe by BookMyShow, who have given them great reviews and feedback. A company that provides automation services enlisted One Design’s assistance for their marketing and advertising initiatives.

  • Designing UX/UI and creating the best branding concepts and themes gives the company an edge in the industry.
  • They work in various industries, including advertising, arts, and consumer products.
  • Due to the good reviews on most websites, they maintain their position in the top rankings of Indian branding companies.

9. The Turtle Story

The Turtle story is another branding company based in Mumbai that was founded in 2017. Every day, five employees create strategies and concepts to keep the company’s name on the market.

In addition to their branding services, packaging, media marketing, and product design, they provide other services as well. Several companies, such as Asian Paints, Pure Concept Home, and T20 Stars by Shane Watson, have benefited from hiring this branding firm.

  • Customer support is provided in matters relating to consumer products and education and IT services.
  • They had a great impact on manufacturing industries for years.
  • Developed branding strategies for several great industries and help them to achieve their desired goals.

10. Liquid Designs

The Liquid Designs company boasts a 5.0 quality rating and works with a team of seven employees and has been operating from that location since 2004. Designing the logo, theme, and web design are some of the services they offer.

Two well-known companies that have worked with them and received great service are Paytm and Wipro. Liquid Design Company designed the brochure and website for a flagship company.

Besides creating the entire website and running it on social media, they helped us gather more and more users.

  • They also assist business ventures in designing their logos and brand names.
  • There are many industrial companies with which they have tie-ups in the financial and media sectors.
  • To make the website as user-friendly as possible, every detail has been taken into consideration.
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