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In 2023, how remarketing will change the advertising industry

You thought remarketing was just for annoying people who have already bought your product?

Well, you’re in for a surprise!

Marketing techniques such as remarketing are often overlooked but are extremely powerful. It is imperative for marketing professionals to start using remarketing in order to increase sales and grow their businesses. In 2023, remarketing will become the most powerful tool in the advertising industry. By targeting potential customers who have already shown an interest in your product, you can dramatically increase your sales.

What remarketing actually is and how it works

remarketing digital marketing

In general, remarketing refers to a range of strategies that involve repeatedly reaching out to the same audience. With remarketing, you have the opportunity to reach a large percentage of people who have visited your website but did not convert. There are many types of remarketing, including retargeting, social media, phone marketing, and email marketing and so on.

In order for remarketing to work, cookies are placed on the visitors’ devices when they meet specific criteria you specify.

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To put it simply, remarketing works as follows:

  • The number of users visiting your website
  • When users leave your site, cookies are used to track their activities.
  • Your remarketing ads appear on other websites.
  • Visitors return to your website when they click on your ads.
  • User completes a desired action on your website.

What Remarketing Can Do for Your Website

Marketing Studies have shown that remarketing can reach up to 88% of website visitors who don’t convert on their first visit. Your website visitors who meet certain criteria will be remarketed by placing cookies on their devices.

Through remarketing, you are able to remind your customers about your product or service and encourage them to return to your website and complete the transaction.

The main objective of remarketing is to serve targeted ads to previous website visitors. These previously visited visitors might be existing customers that you have already converted, or they might be potential customers who have not yet purchased.

Here are the basic steps for creating a remarketing campaign for your business:

  • Add remarketing tags to your Google Adwords account
  • Establish a remarketing list and make sure it is rule-based, as well as selecting the appropriate target audience.
  • Select your remarketing list, campaign name, objective, and advertising network in order to create your marketing campaign.
  • As with other marketing campaigns, write retargeting ads copy.
  • Convert potential customers through remarketing campaigns.

In what ways can remarketing be used to target your customers?

You can leverage remarketing to reach potential customers who might have been outbid on an auction otherwise. Depending on your target market, you can utilize keywords that are relevant to you as well as display ads based on the pages they have viewed or items they have searched for before but have not purchased. It is your responsibility as a marketer to reach your potential customers as often and in the most effective manner as possible.
remarketing for target your customers

You should follow the following guidelines when implementing your remarketing campaign:

  • Don’t just use one template for every ad; tailor every ad so it is relevant and attracts people back to the brand.
  • A short period of time should elapse between the time someone views an advertisement and the time they click on it – think in terms of seconds, not minutes (the shorter period will probably result in more clicks.

Benefits of Retargeting Campaigns

Any business can benefit from a retargeting campaign as it will provide you with the opportunity to reach a significant percentage of customers who are not active purchasers or signups. Apart from this, there are many other benefits, including the following.
retargeting campaigns benefits

1. Improves your marketing insight

The purpose of retargeting is not only to attract new customers, but also to help you gain a better understanding of your customers. With analytics from your re-targeting campaigns, you will be able to gain a deeper understanding of your customers‘ buying and shopping behaviors. With this information, you will be able to develop a laser-focused marketing campaign.

2. Brand is more likely to be remembered

By retargeting, your brand becomes more familiar with your potential customers even when they are not on your site or converting immediately. Keeping in touch means building brand awareness and this increases the likelihood of conversion since the customer becomes familiar with your brand.

3. Ability to customize the audience list

By using retargeting, you can target those individuals who have visited your website and already expressed some interest in your products and services, and you will increase your conversion rate by significantly if you create this personalized audience list. Due to the audience’s already existing interest, a little nudge will be sufficient to move them in the right direction.

4. Improved sales results

Retargeting is primarily intended to increase sales and is perhaps one of its greatest advantages. Rather than using a broad-based marketing approach, retargeting will allow you to concentrate on warm leads, increasing your conversion rate.


Remarketing is an effective way to boost sales, but it takes time and effort to set up correctly. So be patient and develop an appropriate remarketing strategy based on the nature of your business. Also make sure you target the right audience and use effective calls to action to ensure success.

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