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influencer grooming program

Influencer Grooming Program

Develop the instagram influencer marketing skills you need to scale your influencer program and bring the power of influence to your business with our influencer grooming program.

Start making money even with 750+ Followers

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Became an influencer with a strong social media presence

An influencer program is a structured system designed to identify and work with individuals who can promote brands to their followers. This can be an extremely effective way to nurture new influencers and grow into their career.

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Brandlogg Maven Association make your Instagram Account Attractive for Brand Collaborations

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Get Collaborations from Biggest Brands

Brandlogg Maven platform helps influencers to connect with brands for free products, sponsorships, paid campaigns and more.

What are you waiting for?

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respect influencer freedom

Respect Your Freedom

We cannot bind any influencer with us, they have full freedom to working with any brand and organization other than Brandlogg.

Get Free Products or Cash for your Reviews

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Scale up as your Grow

Our team of experts will help you to improve your engagement rate and reach more people with your content.

Joining the Brandlogg Maven Program is Easy & Completely Free


  • Influencers must be at least 18 years old
  • Influencers should have at least 750 followers

How to Apply

  • Follow our social media account @brandlogg.official
  • Share your portfolio with 3 photos in reasonable clarity on our instagram messenger, one of which we will choose to post on our Instagram page, to show our clients.
  • Another step is that we will provide you with a template regarding our association to share on your social media accounts with the tag to Brandlogg.

Important Note

  • We will show all influencer’s profile to our clients, selection & work availability will depend on client.
  • Brandlogg will regularly guide the influencers how to make their profiles professional to get select for collaborations.


  • Influencers are open to working with any brand and organization other than Brandlogg.
  • Brandlogg does not believe in binding the people.
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