Get measurable business results with interactive Prototype Services

To determine what works best for you, Brandlogg create multiple versions of the prototype and make any necessary improvements before introducing the product into production so that you can maximize the results of your product and bring your concept to life as quickly and effectively as possible.

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Interactive Prototype Services - How useful it can be

Identify the best features and elements for your website or application by testing different design elements.

In this way, stakeholders will have a better understanding of the product and its features before capital is invested in its development.

Make sure that your website is visually appealing, user-friendly and reflects the company's values and goals.

Quickly test and validate ideas with team members to gain valuable feedback before releasing a product or service.

Allow stakeholders to visualize the product's users' experience and provide feedback before the development process begins.

Provide a cost-effective and time-saving way to identify potential areas of improvement.

How Brandlogg work as a Prototype Service provider?

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Step 1 : Find & collect requirements

To ensure that the prototype design meets the clients' expectations and needs, Firstly we gather information about the desired outcome, budget, timeline, target audience and any other specific needs.

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Step 2 : Suggesting Ideas

Based on the information we have collected, we have proposed several creative ideas for the project and recommended the most suitable option for them. Also discussed the feasibility of their project.

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Step 3 : Workflow creation

After getting ideas that got positive feedback from the client, we set up a workflow that involves designing the application's appearance, the way users interact with it, as well as testing before launch.

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Step 4 : Create Visual Design for Low-fidelity

Here, designers plan out the layout and functionality of a website without giving much attention to visual design & investing too much time in creating detailed graphical representations of the page.

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Step 5: Create Visual Design for High-fidelity

Here we provide an exact representation of the website's appearance and functionality, enabling us to identify potential issues and determining where various content blocks will be placed on each page, which gives us confidence to proceed with the development process.

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Step 6: Develop visual mockups or prototypes

Under these mockups, all navigation and content elements are placed in near-precise color, font-sizes, and positions by providing prototypes that simulate how the completed product will appear. This will help them to design a website that provide a good user experience.

Businesses who create a prototype of their app have a much better opportunity to identify usability issues and make modifications before the product launch.

Analyze and improve your design practically through interactive Prototype Services

Interactive prototypes allow you to simulate user interactions with your design and identify potential usability issues. With this, you can quickly refine and improve your design by testing it and making sure it meets user expectations. But if the company takes a long time to design and build prototypes and still the results are not up to your standards then this could delay your project. That's where Brandlogg comes in.

Our team of experienced professionals use modern prototyping tools to create prototypes that are user-friendly, accurate, and perform efficiently. We monitor the progress and ensure that our clients are satisfied before moving forward. Throughout the process, we regularly communicate with the company so that potential problems can be identified early and red flags can be identified and addressed as soon as possible.

Create realistic and visually appealing digital mockups of your website or app with Interactive Prototype services

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Your brand is the foundation & life blood of your marketing

We help you to establish a recognizable brand with our unique branding strategy that focuses on all aspects of your company’s image.

Questions before taking Prototype Services

Quickly find out if we’ve already addressed your query

The cost of our prototype services depends on the project and the requirements of our clients. For example, if you want a more complex design and more functionalities included, then the cost would be different. However, we offer an affordable solution that will give you value for money.

The big difference between the two is the level of detail involved.

A wireframe is used to set out the basic structure of the site’s content, and the expected user journey. It’s a very simple 2D representation.

A prototype design is used to plan the layout and appearance of your website. It is also a very useful tool for testing the usability of your website’s design.

Having these two models in place makes it easier to create an effective and functional website.

By creating prototypes that replicate the user experience, website owners can identify areas of improvement and make adjustments to ensure the most positive experience possible.

If you have any suggestions or comments on the prototype, please let us know. We will be happy to revise it based on your requirements until you are completely satisfied with the final result. All revisions are included in our service.

We typically uses design tools such as Adobe XD, Figma, and Sketch to create website prototypes. Furthermore, we have a team of professional web designers who have been working in this field for a long time and are familiar with the pros and cons of various prototyping tools, so they can choose the most appropriate one according to the features of your project.

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Obtain further information by making a contact with our experienced team

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