Global Solicitors & Co.


Immigration Law Firm, India


Global Solicitors is one of the leading immigration law firms based in the United Kingdom and has been serving their clients in the UK, USA, Australia, and India for the last 16 years.

The client has been associated with us for the past ten years. Now the client wants to revamp their brand with a new branding and marketing strategy. So as per the client’s demand, giving them a whole new look and showing it as a refined brand was a bit challenging for us.


Firstly, we decided to showcase the law firm's 16-year legacy while positioning it as a forward-thinking leader in immigration law, ensuring growth and success. Secondly, the client also wanted a new look for his brand, so we revamped it and gave it a new modern look, which represents their goal of serving customers with the best services. Lastly, we prominently highlighted their team through new brand identity components.

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