Boost productivity with IVR marketing services for business

To increase revenue and engage customers more effectively, Brandlogg offers automated customer service experiences and modified IVR systems that can be customized to meet your business needs.

IVR Marketing Services, IVR Marketing

Benefits & features of taking IVR Marketing Services

Optimize Identity Verification

Streamline The Sales Process

Reduces Response Time

IVR marketing services features

Call Recording with real-time Insights

Multilingual Support

Track Calls With Speed & Efficiency

Refine your marketing campaigns & gain better customer insights with effective IVR Marketing Services

IVR marketing services
How IVR works

Why is it necessary for your company
to invest in IVR Marketing Services?

CRM integration - IVR Marketing Services

CRM integration

Customers can be served more effectively by leveraging customer data from all leading CRMs.

Secure & Consistent - IVR Marketing Services

Secure & Consistent

Allow businesses to focus on their business without worry about security risks to their customer data.

Multichannel Platform - IVR Marketing Services

Multichannel Platform

Organizations can manage customer interactions in one place easily and save time & money.

Accessible - IVR Marketing Services


This automated service eliminates the need for manual customer support & reduces operating costs.

Custom-built Solutions - IVR Marketing Services

Custom-built Solutions

Ensure customers have a consistent and efficient experience whenever they interact with your business.

Keep your business open with 24*7 IVR marketing services

Brandlogg IVR marketing services provides an efficient way for your customers to contact your business at anywhere, at any time. With advanced automated systems, incoming calls can be answered instantly with pre-recorded messages or routed to the right department.

IVR Marketing Services

IVR Marketing Services that integrate with
both inbound and outbound calls

Increase customer satisfaction and reduce call handling times by providing convenient access to information about products and services without waiting for an agent to respond.

Inbound Calls - IVR Marketing Services

Inbound Calls

Probably every time you have called a customer service number, you have experienced an IVR. You can use this technology to connect the caller to the right department, send information via SMS, and more. Frequently, IVR systems are used to provide customer service, track orders, and perform other functions.

Outbound Calls - IVR Marketing Services

Outbound Calls

Outbound calls can also be handled by IVR. Using an automated system, you can play a prerecorded message every time a call is answered. You can use IVR to accept customer input. IVR for outbound calls is particularly useful for collecting feedback, completing surveys, and confirming delivery of products.

Manage Calls at Peak times with
Brandlogg’s IVR Marketing Services

Businesses should be aware that managing calls during peak times is an extremely important aspect to consider. If a business does not manage calls during peak times, it could lead to customer dissatisfaction, missed opportunities, and a decrease in sales.

Brandlogg IVR marketing services are designed to assist businesses in handling higher call volumes during peak periods. By automating the process of answering calls, our IVR solution helps businesses handle calls efficiently and can be tailored to meet the specific call handling requirements of the organization. Moreover, with our IVR marketing services you are able to customize the different messaging options depending on peak times and holidays, so that your customers receive the right answers at the right time.

Your brand is the foundation & life blood of your marketing

We help you to establish a recognizable brand with our unique branding strategy that focuses on all aspects of your company’s image.

Questions before taking IVR Marketing Services

Quickly find out if we’ve already addressed your query

Yes, of course. IVR marketing services are available for every business type. It is a great way to attract more customers and make more sales. Your customers will be able to contact you at any time of the day. You will also be able to send them automated emails and messages. This way, you will be able to increase your sales by a huge amount.

Brandlogg's IVR marketing services are ideal for any business regardless of size, industry or location. The only requirement is that you have an existing phone number and the desire to increase sales and customer satisfaction. Brandlogg's IVR marketing services are also popular with small businesses that cannot afford a receptionist or answering machine. Our interactive voice response (IVR) system can take care of these tasks for you, providing exceptional customer service without sacrificing efficiency.

We are using the best and latest cloud telephony technology for IVR marketing. You can use our IVR system for both inbound calls as well as outbound calls. You can set up an unlimited number of call flows. There are no hidden charges or setup fee. You only pay for your actual usage. You can track all your IVR marketing campaigns from custom analytics dashboard.

IVR marketing services are quite affordable and are priced as per the features and services that you want to avail. With some providers, you can even choose from different plans based on your requirements and budget.

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