Sikh Accessories


World's Largest Exclusive Online Store, India


Sikh Accessories is a well-known wholesaler offering a diversified range of items used by the Sikh community. Now, the client wanted to take their business online to establish their brand worldwide. Firstly, he wanted to set up an online e-commerce store with all the latest UX trends. The client also wants us to make sure their website shows up at the top of search results in different countries. Building a trusted brand for religious and cultural items that rank above all the other popular brands was challenging for us.

Ranked In Top 3 Businesses On Google Worldwide



We started with the first step, which was to create an online e-commerce store with all modern amenities that represent and honor the Sikh Culture. We also implemented a strong SEO strategy to improve their search engine rankings. We aimed to establish them as the largest online seller of Sikh items in the world, surpassing all other competitor brands. Our hard work paid off and resulted in the creation of the world's biggest exclusive online store for Sikh items. And now, they are among the top online sellers of Sikh Items until now.

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